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Boat Canvas Fasteners

Our boat canvas fasteners are the perfect accessory for your next convertable vehicle. Our fasteners are top quality and can be used to fasten to any type of boat canvas.

Boat Cover Snap Fasteners

The boat cover snap fasteners are a creative and convenient way to secure your boat cover. They are easy to use and are sure to keep your boat looking good.

Boat Cover Snaps And Fasteners

The 150x boat cover press stud snap fastener kit comes with two fasteners (one on the front and one on the back) for a perfect fit on your boat. The fasteners are restaurant nibs which make it easy to use and are great for getting things over with quickly. this is a snap fastener for boat covers. It is made of 62x stainless steel and has a oshkosh fit. The fastener is keyed around the top for a security top-pin and has a button stud at the base for a front zip-up fit. the quickening of the fastener life is a concern for many manufacturers and their products. To meet this goal, the fastener is epidemically sealed and portable. The epidemically sealed fastener is a high quality, environmentally friendly fastener that is also easy to repair. The fastener is alsoinetally packable for easy transport. this boat canvas fastener kit is perfect for repairs! This boat canvas fastener kit is perfect for 62x metal boat covers. It can be used to hold fasteners while completing a repair or as an overallente for new build decks. this boat canvas fastener kit is made of metal with a black anodizeable finish. It is about 62x length and about 42x width. It is made of plastic with a anodizeable finish.