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Cortex Fasteners

This product is the perfect solution to keep your trex fascia fasteners in style. It contains a variety of fasteners that are capable of holding its shape for hours on end. When you need a fastener today, you can count on it tomorrow.

Cortex Concealed Fasteners for Trex

Timbertech Cortex Hidden Fastening System

The timbertech cortex hidden fastening system is a unique system that helps you keep your timber products fastening systems secure. This system is designed to keep your products fastening systems secure, the same is true for the timber products. The timbertech cortex is a unique system that helps you keep your timber products fastening systems secure, so be sure to check it out!

Cortex Collated Fastening System

The cortex fastening system is a unique attachment system that is used to fasten fascia of a trex fascia. It is a traditional fastening system that is used through the use of clips and ties. This fastening system is use to prevent movement and ventilation of the fascia. this product is ahidden fastening system for decks - 100 lf with plugs - some stainless steel. It is designed to fasten cards and other metals that have a life time unlimited limit of 100 cards per deck. If you're looking forhidden fasteners or fasteners that can be hidden in clothes, you'll want to check out the cortex concealed fasteners for trex. This fastener set is designed to keep you from feeling the have to worry about taking off your clothes with just a few quick fasteners. The cortex hidden fastening is a new way of fastening that uses collated plugs to avoid getting any of the fastening areas looking over the bottom of the box. The cortex hidden fastening is made of sturdy plastic and is collated with a black border to make it look like there is an annual subscription to it. The fasteners are a 1-option type with easy to follow reconditioning instructions. They are easy to order and have a waiting time of 1-2 weeks for each type.