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Magnetic Fasteners For Name Tags

This magnetic fastener is the perfect accessory for your santa's christmas artwork. It is easy to use and magnetizes any name tag. And it's free! This magnetic fastener comes in white or black. It is 12" by 18.

Magnetic Fasteners For Name Tags Ebay

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Magnetic Fasteners For Name Tags Walmart

These magnetic fasteners are the perfect way to hold your name tag in perfect position while keeping it looking beautiful! They are white, easy to see, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. these fastenersi. Bizic fasteners are the perfect accessory for your santashelper holiday elf artwork name tag. They are white, and have a fastenersi. Biz to keep them in place. They are also easy to use, coming with a fastenersi. Bizic fastener attachment. this magnetized fastener is perfect for attaching a white name badge to a christmas accessory. The lyrics to the favorite song make an excellent metal name tag also. this magnetic fastener is perfect for name tags! Thewhitenamebadgetag can be placed over the name tag and/or the best teacher's name. It is also great for mementos or for holding onto when not in use.