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Phantom Universal Hidden Fastener

This fiberon phantom universal hidden fastener bucket is designed to help keep your deck fasteners secure. The blue and green color scheme means that you'll never have to worry about where it might be hiding. The fastener bucket also features a clever ingenious system that helps keep it from reversing itself.

Fiberon Phantom Universal Hidden Fastener

If you're looking for a fiberless system that will make your knot free from the start, the perfect solution is the fiberon phantom. This universal hidden fastener is perfect for our ties, flowers, andseqnul other types of containers. Just take a reach handle and tighten it around the knot, and it will go the same for a non-tied container. The fiberon phantom is perfect for daily use or for when you want to keep your knot free life easier.

Phantom Universal Hidden Deck Fastener

This is a fastener box that comes with a fiberon driver bit and screw included. It is a hidden deck fastener that you can use to attach your own fasteners. this is a perfect for your hidden deck fastener projects. The fiberon hidden deck fastener box is a great way to add a bit screw to your project and make it look want you want it to. This box has a phantom universal driver bit screw included. the fiberon phantom universal driver bit screw includedfastener box is perfect for using with hidden fasteners. It has a cute fiberon phantom logo on the front and features a hidden fastener in the back. The box is perfect for turning fasteners into hidden fasteners. It is also easy to use, just turn the bit screw into the one you want to use. the fiberon phantom universal hidden fastener bucket is a fastener bucket that has your fixer-upper in a can. It is made of fiberglass and is about 200 ct, making it a small enough piece that can be stored in a corner of your home. The fastener bucket also comes with a key ring and keyhole. The fastener bucket is sure to be a favorite piece in your home and is sure to keep you from having to go through all of those papers and screws every time you open the door.